Established in 1998, MeterLink International Ltd is a wholly British owned designer & developer of electricity meters and provider of smart metering systems.

Engaged across the functions of research & development, manufacturing, meter calibration and testing through to administrative and management support services.

MeterLink has expanded its capabilities to become a leading technology provider of smart metering systems. MeterLink has in particular expertise in producing remote communications and system software using low voltage power line signalling technology. MeterLink also provides for local and wide area network communications developed specifically for AMR and smart metering applications.

While AMR systems have been in use in the UK, USA and Canada since the mid-1980s, the drive by utilities to modernise metering services together with realisation of the benefits to be derived from intelligent meters is now being globally recognised. MeterLink have AMR systems using solid-state meters operating in the Europe, Middle East, Far East, and Africa, giving evidence of system durability under adverse climatic and environmental conditions.

MeterLink’s Capability

As a leading designer of solid-state electricity meters, smart metering systems and software, MeterLink is well-positioned to provide turn-key metering solutions that encompass the following services:

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