UK Energy Demand Research Project (EDRP)

Since the early 90’s MeterLink have been involved in UK smart metering trials, MeterLink are currently involved in the EDRP trails in which the UK Government has recently announced that it intends to mandate smart meters for all households, with a timetable for completion by end-2020. As part of the EDRP project the MeterLink smart metering system has installed monitoring smart meters in two communities in Scotland and Wales.

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Jersey Electricity Company (JEC)

MeterLink re-engineered and upgraded their Local Data Concentrators (LDC) into a smaller enclosure in 2008 and the first shipment of 40 LDC’s went to JEC on the Island of Jersey to add to the JEC smart metering system. The system in Jersey has a mixture of single phase, twin element, and three phase smart meters and currently has 4500 smart meters and 150 LDC’s installed. MeterLink have recently added LAN support to the LDC’s and Jersey will receive a further shipment of 60 in the coming months.

New Meter Development

MeterLink have just completed a development project of adding a 3 phase CT meter to the smart metering system, using the market leading PRI Premier 3 phase CT meter MeterLink have added features such as Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications and two controllable outputs for a 3 phase switching contactor and shut off valve for control of water meters, 50 of the CT meters will be installed in our following project in Egypt.

Installation at Egypt Marina

With the success of the installation of the MeterLink smart metering system at the Harbour marina in the Isle of Wight, MeterLink shipped a smart metering system for installation at a large marina in Egypt, the system will monitor the electricity and water utilities of the marina clients which will include our new 3 phase CT smart meter monitoring up to 400A per phase for super yacht berths.

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