The MeterLink system is a well-proven Smart Metering solution, having evolved over the last 10 years through various trials and deployments.

The MeterLink system and Mainscom meters are in use in Jersey Electricity and several overseas utilities for a variety of applications.  They are also in use in the UK in several private distribution networks for example Caravan sites, Marinas and Commercial buildings.

The MeterLink system is based on PCs using Windows XP and provides support for a range of applications, including:

Metering Devices and Customer Displays

The MAINSCOM range of smart meters feature two-way power-line carrier communications via the low-voltage electricity distribution network. They are part of the MeterLink system providing an end-to-end solution that includes automatic meter reading (AMR).

MAINSCOM-1 single-phase smart meters are programmable for credit or remote prepayment metering modes. Programmability includes multi-rate or multi-block, plus demand profiling and demand control. MAINSCOM-1 meters can also handle data for water and gas metering at the same premises via optional interfaces.

MAINSCOM-1 includes two pushbuttons for navigation through the display lists:

Blue:         Display Sequence - Main List for Mode and Tariff in use

Orange:     Display Sub-lists, and any Emergency Credit operation.

MAINSCOM-2 meters have two measuring elements where the second measuring element is configured such that the internal 100 Amp contactor is in series with this second element.  This configuration allows separate metering and control of large domestic loads e.g. storage/water heating, providing functionality similar to the UK’s twin element Radio Telemeter application.

Customer Display Units can be connected to the system to display information in a convenient location and format for the end user.  These devices can display all the normal information that is available directly on the meter and, in addition:

Display Repertoire for Credit Mode

Additional Displays for Remote Prepayment Mode

Remote Communications including AMR

MAINSCOM meters provide for remote reading and control/monitoring via the MeterLink system, plus remote supply interrupt/enable commands, remote tariff and prepayment management, and remote time synchronisation. Additional MAINSCOM data collected via the MeterLink system includes demand recording for 30-minute intervals and monitoring of reverse energy detection and terminal tampering.

Download component specification files for the MeterLink AMR system

MeterLink Mainscom-1 Smart Meter

MeterLink Mainscom-3 Polyphase Smart Meter

Single-Board LDC Specification