Most supply & distribution utilities and private metering services providers recognise that reading meters manually is inefficient and expensive.

The limited capabilities of simple electro-mechanical meters also fail to provide the data necessary to enable distribution, supply, and billing operations to be significantly improved. Existing, obsolescent equipment and operating practices further inhibit the introduction of LV network loss monitoring, load management control programmes and the introduction of variable tariff structures.

MeterLink International utilise smart metering technologies to facilitate significant efficiencies in metering and energy services provision.  The benefits may be summarised as follows:

  1. The system provides rapid access to all customer transaction and payment records to allow customer queries to be dealt with quickly and efficiently, improving customer service.

  2. Provides a mechanism for the implementation of Demand-Side Management (DSM) initiatives involving multi-rate tariffs and load control, to help deliver energy efficiency savings and reduce emissions.

  3. Provides non-discriminatory pre-payment facilities for all customers by virtue of a standard metering interface, without use of tokens, keypads or swipe card meters.

  4. Provides power consumption profile data from individual and groups of meters to facilitate energy management load research and tariff development.

  5. Provides a low voltage network monitoring system to allow supply outages to be quickly identified resulting in less “lost minutes” of supply and improving service levels.

  6. Provides a sophisticated energy loss detection system to identify system losses to individual LV feeder level.  Reduction in losses leads to a lower cost base with savings that can be passed on to customers.

  7. Enables remote disconnection/reconnection of power to meters on change of tenancy, change of supplier, property being left empty etc.  This enables losses to be minimised and improves safety levels, particularly for un-occupied premises.

Advantages of the MeterLink Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR)

MeterLink is at the forefront of design and manufacturing of high quality and reliable products.

We are dedicated to continuous research and development to maintain our lead in both product and software support so that our customers can keep pace with rapidly changing technology. You can buy with confidence, knowing that the quality and components of your product have been produced to the highest standards. MeterLink are dedicated to providing a total quality solution for our customers needs. All products in the MeterLink range are tested extensively in many different configurations before shipping/installation. We know that every effort has been made to ensure that your product has been correctly configured and all its components are in perfect working order.

MeterLink's single and 3 Phase Remote Meters are versatile multi-media meters that can utilise the distribution network as a reliable two way communications infrastructure using Power Line Carrier Technology.

  1. Remote Reading - no need for site visit to read the meter.

  2. Any tampering of system is immediately reported to central control system - Removal of case automatically sends alarm back to control system, can detect reversal of current.

  3. Should the meter fail for any reason, this is reported to the system controller

  4. The system can be used for pre-payment or credit accounting

  5. Pre - payment - no need for cards or coins

  6. Billing - automated software controlled billing system

  7. Supply disconnect/reconnect  - switching relay contactors for disconnect/ reconnect

  8. Tariff Switching - Tariff management programmed and on demand

  9. Half-hour Profiling - Efficient load management, Load Profile extraction and storage

  10. Meter Reading History Enquiries.            

  11. LCD Display - Can be programmed to display various facilities including amount of credit left on pre-payment system.    

  12. Multi-Utility - The meters have been designed to link with water and gas meters using volt free pulse input.   

  13. For reasons of credit control, load management, or load shedding, the meter can be set to disconnect at a pre-set load or total energy usage.

  14. Coupled with the MeterLink MINI SCADA SYSTEM, the energy leaving the substation can be monitored and measured against the energy paid for on the meters.

  15. Sub-station load readings, monitor Faults/Losses throughout network

  16. The MeterLink three phase and single phase meters have been designed to have comprehensive and flexible tariff management facilities, accommodating the most complex tariffs in use in today's market with integrated import and export multi-rate, multi-demand registers the MeterLink Meter offers the supplier the flexibility to customise the tariff to best match the utility and consumer's requirements

  17. The individual meter reading can be channelled directly up to the local substation and then to the customers headquarters using a PSTN/GSM telephone system or radio

  18. The installation of the system is relatively simple.

  19. The system can be used by the customer to perform an effective load management of the network.

Meter Security

  1. The meter shall incorporate a reverse run register and shall record any reverse energy usage above 1kW in 24 hours, it shall also send an alarm to the LDC.

  2. The meter shall incorporate a Contactor failure alarm.  When the contactor is de-activated (i.e. the customer is disconnected) any energy consumption will cause an alarm to be sent to the central PC.

  3. The meter shall comply with the Tamper requirements of BS EN 601036 2nd Ed.

  4. Removal of the meter cover will activate a microswitch, which will cause a Tamper alarm to be displayed at the meter and also transmitted back to the central PC

  5. Access to data within the meter shall be protected by an 18-character access code that shall prevent interrogation by unauthorised devices attached to the network.

  6. Customer display unit – A unit can be added to the system Its purpose is to display information held within the meter in a more prominent, and convenient way for the consumer.

  7. MeterLink International is a design, development and manufacturing company our meters and software are designed and developed to our customer’s requirement.

For further information on the MeterLink system, please see system architecture.

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